he-she (part I) ~ "I'm just a leaf,not a flower"
he-she (part I) | "I'm just a leaf,not a flower"

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

he-she (part I)

"It's you....!", her pupils dilatated.
"Hello my dear princess", he greeted her.
She could not hold herself running to his open arms, wrapped her arms to his body so tight.
"I miss you", She whispered, still held him tight.
"I miss you too Princess."
But all in a sudden, the magic spell was broken, she started to realize how strange her situation is. "Wait, wait, wait, Where am I?"

"In your dream Princess. I come to see you in your dream.", he spoke softly.
"But why? I've hardly never see you in my dreams. Why now?" She shook her head.
He smiled, "Something is bothering your mind. Do you want to share it with me" She stepped backward, she felt her face burned. "I think you have know all my stories." She said slowly.
He smiled again, "Yes, I know."
She shook her head once again, "I'm so sorry," slapped her face and covered it with her own hands, "I'm so so sorry."
He took her hands from her face, held them into his, and smiled. "I know."
"Do you know that me and him ....." She paused. She could feel her face reddish.
"I know." he answered calmly.
Suddenly her throat felt so dry. "I loved you, but I'm not in love with you." She said sadly, "And I'm so sorry for that, and I'm so sorry that all these had to happen with him, but I do love him, and I'm in love with him." She held her breath. "I really do." She whispered slowly.
"I know." Still holding her hands. "Keep smiling Princess, you're in the right hand now." He kissed her forehead, "Be happy my princess." Then he walked away leaving her breathless.

***********to be continued***********