[BEFORE] How I Met Your Father [part 1] ~ "I'm just a leaf,not a flower"
[BEFORE] How I Met Your Father [part 1] | "I'm just a leaf,not a flower"

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

[BEFORE] How I Met Your Father [part 1]

the year 2030

Future Me tells stories to my future children

Kids,this is the story of [BEFORE] how i met ur father.
Well kids,u all know that the most critical point of my life was in Jakarta..
Yeahh,,that was just when i met ur uncles n aunts, NOT ur father, at Jakarta.. 8)

Ur 1st uncle : Adi

Kids,the first time i met ur uncle Adi was in 2001. I was sitting in front of our classroom at the college, n he was there. He was wearing a blue t-shirt [wow,,keren juga daya ingatku] and sitting next to me. After a few chit-chat,the lecturer came,n we all rushed to our classroom. After the lesson finished,i walked in the parking lot to get out from the building. At that time,i was going to get to my [past] boy friend's faculty ON FOOT,which is about 2 km from my faculty. n then suddenly....

Someone : Liv, meh ngengdi??
Past me : Eh,meh nang [Fakultas] Tekhnik ik,ono janjian..
Someone : Meh bareng po piye?? 
Past Me : Tenane... *widely smiling n got on the back of his motorcycle* Wow my hero....

Well,n that "someone" is ur uncle Adi kids.. n that is how I met ur uncle Adi..

That was on 2001 kids,n he was my hero at that time.. Now the timeline goes to July 2010,at Jakarta.
It was on the worldcup 2010 season at that time. For 2 days,i was having a stomachache because of Gastritic problem. It was past 12 pm,n i was still wide awake because of the pain that i can't stand. I said to myself,I need to get a doctor asap,but i didn't know how to get to the doctor,because it was almost 1 am in the morning. 
In the depth of my pain,i grabed my cellphone n dialed someone's ID call......

Someone : Yo Liv???
Past Me : Ummm,,rumah sakit sing cedhak kene ik ngendi ya??
Someone : *shouting like an angry man* Heh,kowe ngopo??Ngopo kowe?? *panic*
Past Me : Ummm,,wetengku loro banget je ik.. Kena maag ketoke,,nang rumah sakit ga ya enake??
Someone : Kowe siap-siapo,,15 menit lagi aku tekan kostmu.. *said like a father giving a punishment to his children*
Past Me : eh iyo,,iyo... *affraid of that someone*

Yep,,n u must be able to guess who that "someone" was.. Yes,that "someone" was ur uncle Adi again. He was my hero at 2001 and he became my hero again in 2010.
At 1 am in the morning,he drove me to en Emergency Room at a hospital, so that i could get some pain killer.. How sweet is that.. xD

But kids,don't u ever think that i ever had any special relationshit with ur uncle Adi,cause in daily, he's not as sweet as my story in contrast.. He was some kind of narcistic.
He had ever hijack my social network accounts for several times,n often wrote some stuff that made me embarresed. He used to like doing some shity tricks to us. What are those shity trics?? I will tell u the stories later..

Uncle Adi,2011

Well kids, that's the first story of ur aunts and uncles series. I will tell u others story of ur uncle Adi,n ur others uncle and aunts next time..

to be continued....